11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org

11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org
Pro Sanctity Logo by Sculptor, Mike Montag, Green Team Member

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pro Sanctity Green Team March 3

Greetings: Please stop by the ProSanctity Retreat Center to hang a gutter, hang a light fixture, hang a shelf or just hang "a round". We can start about 10:00 AM.

Note that I have parked a 16 ft. trailer near New Shop. We can use it to deliver altar pieces and to pick up tables and chairs needed for Bunko night.

Later this Spring we can rent a wood chipper for about $200 per day to make our own mulch from our toppled elm trees up to 6 inch diameter. A mulch company in Omaha will remove larger stuff and stumps for $500... need to think about that.

Bob Zaruba

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Saturday Green Team Meet and Service Hours

My Mother, My Confidence!

February 2, 2012

Dear Green Team!

This Saturday, February 4, 2012 is the First Saturday maybe snow! We dont know but we have a variety of things going on and we could use some help!

1. We have a confirmation retreat from 9-3 pm February 4, 2012 from St. Johns of Fort Calhoun!

2. Greg Lenz and his family are putting in the Cabinets to the new building and could use some help (after lunch I believe)

3. I have some parents and confirmation students (around 6 to 10) who want to do service for us both Saturday and Sunday. They will work from 10-12 Noon.

      We need a to-do list and a supervisor! We hope to have a mailing ready to work on and we need to clean some more around property, gutters still need fixing and hanging on the house,  and clean stickers off windows in new building, etc.

***Bob can you remake our To-do list?

4. Leela is back, but not feeling well. Dont know exactly how she will feel by Saturday. We need to cook for all these people! J She will need help if she is better!

Let me know what you think we can to-do!

Thank you for your generous help!! God bless you all!