11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org

11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org
Pro Sanctity Logo by Sculptor, Mike Montag, Green Team Member

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Green Teem to DOOOO - April 2, 2011

TIRE SWING  ROPE wore out and we need to replace it, but we need an extended long ladder…anyone have one??


MULCH: I will order a truck load of mulch; we will need it for the play areas and trees to come.


TREES: We sent in the OPPD Tree Foundation, and Len G. has many small trees to bring out, so we will need to plant and mulch. We need to check on and straighten up the small trees by the cabin – especially before mowing season starts.


LIGHTS: The entrance lights to the property are out, and we need to change them or see if there is a problem with the electricity.


GRASS SEEDING?? It is time now I think!


ENTRANCE BELL: The warning bell that Len and Larry attached to the entrance way of the property has been disconnected because it keeps ringing, so I think we need a new one. It is a feature I appreciate very much, because we are aware when someone comes on the property and with the building going up, this will be even more important. Any ideas on what kind to buy that can withstand the harsh weather?


WATER FOUNTAIN: Could someone help me get the water fountain in the cabin working for the Saturday afternoon group?


SERVICE: I have several kids coming to do service this Saturday, we need to give them some projects…#1We have to get the cabin ready on Saturday morning for the 8th grade retreats starting that afternoon!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

3/20/11 Wal Mart Wish List for Camp/Retreat Center

3/20/11  Wal Mart Wish List for Camp/Retreat Center


Poly Cutting Boards:       12 x 18   $9.97    2

                                                15 x 20  $11.00     1

                                                8.5 x 11    $2.97       1


Knives:      Chicago Cutlery   Stainless Steel handles    “Forum”

                                16 piece set    $99.97        1

                                Extra bread knife     $16.97      1

                                Extra vegetable knife       $10.97      1

                                Extra paring knives         $10.97          5


Bowls:      3 piece stainless steel red bowls with lids     $17.97


Glass Measuring Cups:    Anchor        32 oz. measuring cup   $4/97


Colander:     Oneida Over the Sink Colander     $14.97


Plastic glasses:      Tritan   14 oz. tumblers    $2.77 each     100


Paper towel holder (screws in under counter):   Bamboo Paper Towel Holder   $7.97       2


Dishes:    Corelle  “Winter Frost White”   16 piece set (serves 4)    $29.97     25 sets


Silverware (eating utensils):   Onieda 45 piece set (serves 8 plus serving pieces)  “Simmer”  B280045B   $44.97    12 sets


Dish Towels:    Clorox Fresh Care Dish Towels white with blue OR tan trim   2-pack for $6.00     6 packs


Dish Cloths:     Clorox Fresh Care Dish Cloths    white with blur OR tan trim     5-pack for $6.00        4 packs


Oven Mitt:     Canopy Silicone grip   “Rich Brown”       $4.00      4


Pot Mitt:       Canopy Silicone grip     “Rich Brown”     $4.00      4


Cupcake pan:       Wilton 12 cup muffin/cupcake pan    $7.97     4


Cooling Racks:      Mainstays 3 pack stackable   16x 10   $9.00      3


Standard Mixer:      KitchenAide    $199.88


Blender:     Oster  600 Watt   All metal drive     $59.88


Coffee Maker:     Bunn   10 cup coffee brewer   $99.88


Crock  Pot:       “Crockpot” brand   7 qt. programmable, removable pot    $29.00      2


Trash Cans:      Black metal “step cans”    $50  


Scissors:    Fiskar   4 years and up   $1.88

                                    5 years and up     $1.88

                                    Graduate (adult)     $3.97


Pens:   Bic Round Stic    36 pens in a package for $3.84


Glitter glue:   $4.88 a package


Construction Paper:     Mead   88 sheets of different colors    $2.00


Pony Beads:     Translucent     Item # 16975   1500 pieces   $4.97

                              Opaque   Item # 16976     1500 pieces     $4.97


Wiggley eyes:    300 pieces   $2.97

                                 80 pieces    $ .97


Beverage cooler:    Coleman   5 gallon in blue or orange     $9.50


Gas Can:    5 gallon plastic     $9.50



Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great quote for the day!

"We become saints not by thinking about it, and not (certainly) by writing about it, but simply by doing it. There comes a time when the "how?" question stops and we just do it.


If the one we love were at our door knocking to come in, would we wonder how the door lock works, and how we could move our muscles to open it?"


Peter Kreeft


Monday, March 7, 2011

FYI Camp Dates

2011 Camp Dates
April 9: Family Fundraiser Dinner, St. Pius X
June 1-4: Camp Clean Up
June 6-10: Counselor Training
June 11: Volunteer Training
June 12: Open House – New facility Shower
June 13-17:
Day Camp
June 17-18: Lynch Camp
June 20-24: Jr. High Week
June 25: Golf Tournament? (Need Team!!)
June 27-July 1: Grade School Age Overnight
July 11-15: Grade School Age Overnight
August 4-7: High School Camp in South Dakota

Services Needed soon!

Builders for Hope


New Pro Sanctity Center is scheduled to open June 12th with an open house/shower and on November lst it should have everything finished. Jump on board and help us out with time, talent and donations…spread the word! Pray, pray, pray!


Volunteers for the new building would include someone for the following: 

Call or write if you have services, ideas or donations!

Teresa at 402-289-2670 or psm@prosanctity.org


Cabinets, shelves, carpentry, hang doors, lay tile, paint, landscaping, and misc.


We would like to put up on our own a three season play (pole) barn, on the west side of the cabins, that the children could use for toys, ping pong, a pool table, storage of outdoor play equipment and a place for the children to do crafts and messy sorts of things! It would have lights and maybe a ceiling fan, but not heating and air-conditioning.


We also need a machine/tool shed, for mowers, equipment, tools, workbench. It would be good to have it on the west side of the new building.


Electrical, mechanical and plumbing will be contractors and some have volunteered already.  If you know someone let us know!



We need mowers and weed eaters very soon. We have dreams of a “grasshopper” mower that would also have attachments for snow blowing and grading, but we would be happy with a second hand working riding mower for now, that would get us by until we can get the real thing.


A full wish list is available just ask: psm@prosanctity.org




TREE PROCJECT Eagle Scout Project

FROM ALEX: Hi, my name is Alex Schmitz. I am currently searching for eagle scout projects and was wondering if you could give me some more information about the OPPD tree donation project. I was specifically wondering about how many trees are usually donated and when.


Thank you!


To Alex:




We send in an application for Trees this month. We ask for a certain amount of money and they confirm it and then we buy five foot trees (they don’t want us buying little one gallon size trees). It gets approved in June and then we send them the bill according to the amount we were allotted. I am going to ask for $1500.00 and hopefully receive enough for 6 to 10 trees. You then have to show where you will put them (we will give you the basic place) landscape, dig large holes, place and plant properly the trees, stake them and create a plan to be given to us for their maintenance. You can put a plaque by them with the official species, your name and troop. You can also put a bench or make a picnic table to sit under then….some ideas.   The whole project has to be done and approved by December lst, 2011.


Teresa and the Green Team


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three more Eagle/Service project ideas

1. We would like to have a nice, clear, visible sign for the entrance way. We have all that marble behind the angel woods that could be used to hold a slab of wood or slate upon which we could put the words: Pro Sanctity Retreat Center…it would be an easy sign.


2. We need the Yellow Bus that was slightly damaged in the fire, to be cleaned up, painted, new reflectors, replace cracked drivers window, and then take it to Jensen in Fremont for a complete check. This all needs to be done soon.


3. An eagle scout could easily take the hay rack and rebuild it, paint it and put new tires…