11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org

11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org
Pro Sanctity Logo by Sculptor, Mike Montag, Green Team Member

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We've only just begun!

Design for the new building. We will have a meeting on January 15th here in Elkhorn for all who are interested in praying and planning with us! The morning will be for Pro Sanctity members and board members, a time of prayer and planning, and the afternoon 1:00 -2:30 pm will presentation and prayer on the building plans. Let us know if you can make all or part of the day, or are interested but cannot come!
402-289-2670 or psm@prosanctity.org
May God bless our Eagle Scouts!
Thanks to the Edward's Family: Ron, Andrew, John, Terri...and many other boy scout helpers!
The bridge is in! Still some work to do!
We have need of 14 wooden stations of the cross if anyone is interested in a future project. The places to post them are already set, but the crosses were burned in the fire!

On the Wish List:
Snow Blower - Grasshopper brand has a snow blower/mower that would be perfect for us! Call or write Teresa
psm@prosanctity.org or 402-289-2670

November/December 2010

The work has begun! Chuck Lacey and Ken Sorenson, builder and designer respectively, have been meeting every week this past month checking soils, making designs, and planning for the foundation of the new and improved "Beloved Barn" to be laid. Believe it or not, just before the snow fell the ground was dug, cleared of old dirt, and new healthy dirt placed into it...tons of it! Extra was needed to raise the future building a little higher than the previous one, so there would be no danger of water seeping into it!
We often told the camp children and confirmation students that Jesus was born in a barn and that He must also be born in us too! We pray that our new facility will be a healthy and holy place for everyone to come to know the Christ who was born in a barn for us, and make room for Him in our own hearts!

It is amazing that this past year we started the "Green Team", men and women who wanted to share their talents with the Pro Sanctity Retreat Center. Members meet every first Saturday, pray, plan, and then keep up with the monthly "to do" list throughout the month. The list usually consisted of mowing, fixing small breaks or machines, and maybe hammering a nail here or there. Who knew they would be building a small storage unit that was akin to building a house!! Praise God! They did it!!
Greg Swinarski recently contributed a sparkling angel on the grounds, and it expresses our feelings perfectly: Glory to God for all the good that has happened to us even with the burning down of the barn! Praise God!
Blessings on our Green Team during this Holy Christmas time!
Teresa, Leela, Anne and all the Apostolic Oblates and Pro Sanctity members

Friday, December 3, 2010

Check Kia

Dear Green Team,

Can someone please check the tire pressure and change the oil on the Kia? Thanks!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Green Team strikes again!

Green Team Meeting December 4, 2010 - 9:30 am - Retreat Center!


Join us!




11002 N. 204th St. Elkhorn, NE 68022

psm@prosanctity.org or 402-289-2670


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Green Team and Angel Helpers: December Help?

December 1, 2010

Hi Everyone!


Thanks to all for all the small, hidden, large, noticeable, and everything in between, acts of service and kindness of this past month!! God bless you all!!! Special thanks to Jeff for the new GREAT ROOM – painted walls, exquisite newly refinished floor and even the cat is happy with her new “cat barn” – well most of the time she is happy! Thank you from all of us!!



1. Green Team Meeting December 4, 2010 - 9:30 am - Retreat Center! Everyone is welcome and if you cannot come, send your ideas for to do list and responses.


2. Boy Scouts with our good friend, Deacon Paul T. will be gathering for their training December 10-12, 2010 and will do service on Saturday, December 11 or when weather will allow, see below. They would like "our list" of to do's... They will be in the cabin.


3. Tonight we will send a revised plan of the new building!! We have the winter to work on details, but if we can settle on basic size and where windows and such will be we can put in the footings and then be ready for building in the spring!


4. We have had several offers for washer and dryer, the last one was from the Dyer family who want us to go and get the set we want – new, and then when we have the new building to buy another set! We do not have a place to put a new set in the old house as of yet! What shall we do? Use the kitchen bathroom???


5. Any ideas for storage of an industrial kitchen set?? We need a garage or a walk in basement probably.


6. Continue on purging the library. We are keeping only “our specialty saint, theology and bible books, emphasis on saints and Mary” and in need of items for children, DVD’s etc.


7. Clean and paint the upper room of the house.


8. Electricity in the new shed.







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Is December 10 through December 12 morning available?


Hopefully the wind will be down to burn that pile outside. 


As far as cooking, we can bring our propane camp stove.  We just have to be extra clean where we are eating.  I offered the older scouts a change to camp in their tents outside of the building. In the past I've had some adventurous scouts!


I have one scout, Matt Beresh that would like to do his Eagle project at Pro Sanctity.  I told him to ask when we're out there next.


Let me know what's on your list that we can help with?