11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org

11002 North 204th Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska 68022 * 402-289-2670 * psm@prosanctity.org
Pro Sanctity Logo by Sculptor, Mike Montag, Green Team Member

Thursday, April 29, 2010

RE: new blog Scouts we need you!


We will not be available this weekend, but I will talk to the troop
committee this Monday for the following weekends.

Interesting blog!


Thanks Paul!! Teresa

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

$750.00 for Trees!!

We are invited..

to pick up our $750.00 tree planting grant on Friday, April 30th at 9:30 a.m. at Lauritzen Gardens located at 100 Bancroft Street.

Ken and Bob are planning on attending; let me know if you would like to attend! Bob plans to leave the Pro Sanctity Center at 8:30 am. Ken what are your plans??

Blessings, Teresa

Water leaks in cabin

The bathroom on the east side of cabin has a leak underneath the first sink (I believe the hot water line). I think there is a kink in the coupling on the pipe. Also, the push button on water fountain sticks and the replacement fountain head doesn't fit ( the wrong one). I've tried myself to fix them, but with no success. Extra assistance is needed for whoever has the time.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Some notes:

April 26, 2010

Who is free to go with Ken for the 9:30 am Lauritzen Gardens - Omaha Botanical Center, this Friday, April 30, 2010, to receive the tree award of $750.00? It is free entrance that day, and takes about an hour.

Satruday, May 1, 2010 - 9:00 am -If it rains and we cannot burn on Saturday we could do some indoor fixing:
door on basement shower is bent and there is a need to fix some decaying that is happening around the base of the shower too - due to moisture.

If it is dry, we can also work on some of the tree trimming issues:
- around the campfire area up by the house
- large tree along the driveway on the south side before the barn.
- in the back, the trees by the barn and down by the play area.
-across the creek we have a lot of trees that are down that need to be cut and taken out of the grass so it will grow...
- Some of the trees behind the cabin need a little assistance, trimming cleaning up, etc!

Grass seeding too if not before!

BoyScout Projects:
1. Pat Haller is working on the Tree Project - $750.00 foundation money from OPPD for trees.
2. Teri Edmonds boy is working on the foot bridge.
3. Another scout is working on the shrine to Our Lady of Sorrows next to the farm house.
4. J.P. is working on a shelter type platform west of the cabin where the trees do not seem to want to grow.
5. A mystery scout ordered two large telephone polls for the south side of the creek, not sure or don't remember what that one is about!

Thistles!! Attack them!

Burn Pile and More

May 1, Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker!!

9:00 AM until we “burn out”!

Work day here and burn pile day! We hope the Boy Scouts will come!! I just Informed them and we hope it does not rain! But you can see the list; there are indoor and outdoor things to do! Thank you everyone! I will be in Michigan, but Leela and Anne will be here to host! Teresa

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prayer of Discernment!

From Kay Parlor, Local Board Director

The local board of Pro Sanctity is asking all of our praying members to join us in an ongoing novena to Our Founder to discern if it is the proper time to begin the fundraising and building project of Our Lady of Trust Chapel and the Msgr. Dunne Fellowship Hall on the Elkhorn Retreat Center grounds. We seem to be outgrowing the space we have and are being called upon to do more adult retreat work but the current buildings on the grounds, though fine for Camp Fun-n-Faith, are not comfortable or conducive to large adult gatherings. Please pray the following prayer for this intention:

Prayer for our Founder’s Intercession
O loving God, Father of all goodness, Christ our Redeemer, Spirit of Holiness. In Your infinite and untiring love for us You never fail to invite us to holiness. We thank You because in Your servant, William Giaquinta, You have made your gifts shine forth. He contemplated the infinite love of Your Son, and he was a tireless apostle of the Universal Call to Holiness. We pray to You, if it is Your will, to manifest in him Your glory and by his intercession to grant us the grace that we ask of You.

Discernment to know if it the time to build Our Lady of Trust Chapel and the Msgr. Dunne Fellowship Hall and generous benefactors to make this dream a reality. Amen

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, true model of every holiness, give trust to become saints.

Please addd to list...*

Mr. Ken Ramold * Mr. Mike Montag *Mr. Robert Zaruba *Mr. Greg Swinarski *Mr. Larry Weigum *Mr. Dan Zak *Mr. Jeff Norris *Mr. Leonard Gabriel **Director of Center: Teresa Monaghen * Leela Sebastian * Anne Zugelder

April - May 2010


1. Burn Pile - Join us on May 1, 2010 9:00 am - all day

2. Several doors in the house need attention: Don't close, bent, etc.

3. Dig thistles on property

4. Mowing!!! Any time, any day, it is growing!

5. Refinish floor in big room and paint before camp

6. Plumbing issues in cabin - Ken will make list

7. Roof of barn still has leaks

8. Gutters still leaking

9. Oven in barn needs looking at

10. Painting railings, deck, and around windows of house - much weathering has happened and the bare wood is showing.

11. Trees mulched and Angel woods cleaned up and mulched.

12. Other?

Camp/Center Clean up day is May 29th - coordinated by Camp Fun and Faith Staff - All are welcome!

June 6 is Open House for Camp - touch up and clean up on June 5th (this is Camp training day, but if you are not involved in camp, come out and spiff up the camp for the 6th).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Confirmation Personal Retreat

Today we hosted a group of seniors from Creighton University for their end of the year retreat. Leela made an exquisite lunch for them, and the Lord provided sunshine for their prayer and play!

Bob Zaruba, from the Green Team worked on the new staircase he designed and finished a few projects, in addition he shared his faith with a confirmation student who came to do a personal retreat and some time of service. This is the second time this year that we offered the opportunity for a student to make a personal retreat by meeting members, hearing their faith stories (like Bob's) and offer service while doing it! Leela worked with this student in the kitchen, so while he buttered garlic bread, she told her faith story. Anne shared her story in the Pro Sanctity Office and I pulled weeds with him and visited about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the garden! In the end, he went to the chapel to speak with Jesus and write a little reflection on his confirmation retreat day. It is a great little format for students and we see the results of faith built up in the student and joy received by all!

Princess our camp dog waited for him to visit with her, throw a stick and share faith, but time ran out... poor Princess, she has so many sticks to share!


The garbage disposal is now working in the Barn Kitchen. After the wayward spoon was removed, the disposal spun like a top.

The Barn Diswasher has 2 problems that I know of; 1) the door seal leaks and water runs out while the washer is operating; 2) the washer continues to fill even when the door is opened; although this may not be prevent it from being used. New door seals cost between $30 - $40. I think any one of us "handymen" should be able to install. If you think the dishwasher has some years left in it, let me know and I can get new seals. Dishwasher model number is - PDW7800G00BB

Bob Zaruba